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Niche Dental

Strategic, Connective Marketing Communication For Dentists and Dental Offices

11765 Bishop Ave NW Duluth , MN 55701 866-453-1026
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Dental Marketing Consulting and Coaching
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Niche Dental


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Connective Communication For Dentists

Niche Dental works with dentists and dentist offices to develop the best marketing strategy to bring in new patients and encourage current patients to enhance their health. Whether the dentist is focused on cosmetic dentistry and implants to orthodontics and family dentistry, communication is vital to the health of their practice, vocation and most of all their patients and community. 

Not marketing means the public knows less about what dentists do, what advancements there are and why they should get to the dentist now rather than wait. Tooth loss costs money, time and causes pain and embarrassment as well - but if dentists don't communicate more assertively and consistently - they are actually contributing to the problem of denial, delay and despair. Hire me to boost awareness and the improve the perceived value of advanced dentistry, do it yourself or public health will continue to lag.

Dick Chwalek
> Dental Marketing Consulting and Dentist Communication Coaching
CALL - 866-453-1026

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I am a co-founder and member of the Northern Dental Alliance - - based in the Twin Cities.  Also collaborate with Rick Epple of Epple Financial Advisors of Wayzata, MN. As well as Oli of Express Dental Marketing in Fallbrook, CA.

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