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East End Psychological Services, P.C.

Expert Psychotherapy, Psychological and Educational Testing, College and Career Guidance

565 ROUTE 25A, SUITE 201 Ronkonkoma , NY 11779 631-821-7214
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Expert Psychotherapy, Psychological/ Educational



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565 ROUTE 25A, SUITE 201

TEL. (631) 821-7214
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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for children and adults - Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) combines two powerful types of psychotherapy - cognitive therapy and behavior therapy. Cognitive therapy teaches people how to change faulty thinking patterns that are causing emotional symptoms. It helps clients see how distortions in their picture of what's going on in their life can make them feel anxious, depressed or angry for no good reason. Behavior therapy helps people modify the connections between problematic situations and their habitual reactions to them. Clients learn to “replace” maladaptive behaviors (e.g., self-defeating or self-damaging behavior) with more efficient and functional behaviors. Behavior therapy also teaches people how to calm their mind and body, so they can feel better, think more clearly, and make better decisions. When combined, behavior therapy and cognitive therapy provide individuals with very powerful tools for stopping problematic symptoms and getting one's life on a more productive and satisfying path.

School-based Consultation - We serve as a liaison between your child and your school to facilitate communication
and treatment planning. Our clinicians may consult directly with teachers, help develop accommodation plans (e.g., 504 plans) and assist with the Special Education process (when indicated).  All of our psychologists are also certified school psychologists in New York State.

Psychological & Educational Testing for Children and Adults - A child can experience difficulties with school for many different reasons. To determine if learning, attentional, verbal, social, and/or emotional problems are interfering with functioning, diagnostic psychological evaluation may be very helpful.  Psychological testing may hold the key in determining why a child or teen is not finding success in the school setting. Our staff will work with you, your child, and school personnel to obtain the answer. All evaluations are individualized to meet your child’s specific needs. East End Psychological Services employs state-of-the-art testing measures. Some of the cognitive/intelligence tests that we use include the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children- Fourth Edition (WISC-IV) and the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV).  Moreover, we have instruments to evaluate for personality, social and emotional factors. Educational testing is available to assess academic achievement levels including reading, writing, mathematical skills and comprehension abilities. Staff also assess for Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) is the most reliable instrument for diagnosing autism spectrum disorders and is at the core of our diagnostic assessment. Testing for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children, adolescents and adults is one of our several specialties. Additionally, complete psychological evaluations are routinely provided by our staff for government agencies (e.g., police department) to assist in the hiring and employment process. Evaluations for the judicial system before trial or as part of the probation requirement are also conducted. Written reports are available for school districts, courts or other requesting agencies when required.

Neuropsychological Evaluation - We provide complete assessment of neuropsychological domains including attention, learning and memory skills, alertness, orientation, executive functioning, visuospatial abilities, and sensory and motor skills.

The Anger and Aggression Management Program - This is a state-of-the-art, individualized 10-step program to address anger and aggression in children, adolescents and adults. It is a personalized program that is tailored to meet the individual's specific needs. The program is offered to children 3 years of age and older. There are two sections: one section is for children ages 3-12 years old and the other section addresses needs and skills more specific to adolescents and adults. For younger clients, parent education and training play a larger role in treatment. For adolescents, greater emphasis is placed on anger and aggression as they relate to dating, driving, and peer relations. For adults, issues addressed include the connection between anger and marriage, work and family. Following a comprehensive evaluation that includes interviewing and psychological testing, the therapeutic treatment plan involves anger education, parent training, cognitive restructuring, relaxation training, assertiveness training, problem-solving skills training, social skills training, and conflict resolution. These cognitive-behavioral strategies represent the most empirically-validated treatments for anger and aggression. The final phase of the program prepares the individuals for using their new skills in real world settings such as school, places of employment and in their families. Parents of children are educated on how they can foster the development of more adaptive and prosocial behaviors. Adolescents and adults receive training in relapse prevention so that they can maintain their skills and positive change while minimizing setbacks.

The Vocational & Career Development Program - Whether you are a high school senior, college student or an individual looking to change careers, our staff can help you to reach your vocational, educational and career potential through practical assessment. Our staff develops a personalized evaluation that includes interviewing, in-depth personality testing, and state-of-the-art career interest inventories. Upon completion of this assessment, the psychologist and client work together to help discover the “best fit” colleges and/or career paths. A comprehensive report is provided with a summary of the client’s abilities, interests, and personality traits as well as clear and practical recommendations to help achieve his or her educational and/or vocational goals. Our clientele includes high school students looking for assistance in choosing a college, college students in search of a major, and individuals looking to switch careers or return to the work force after a leave (due to personal choice, illness or injury). Other services that are available include SAT preparation, assistance with the college selection/application process and help with resume-writing and job interviewing techniques. We also provide training in time management, planning and organizational skills. Please see our brochure for this program that is available here for download.

Cognitive Rehabilitation - Restorative exercises and compensatory strategies for memory and other cognitive deficits are used to assist those with traumatic brain injury (TBI), accident trauma, unexplained cognitive problems, and weaknesses associated with illnesses and injuries including stroke, dementia, and seizure disorder.

Parent Support, Family and Marital Therapy - Sessions with parents are regularly provided to help caregivers learn to effectively manage their child (or children) at home and/or in the community.  Moreover, parent sessions are utilized to develop and enhance communication and relationships. We recognize that mental health issues affect the lives of all family members and provide family therapy, marital therapy, couples and relationship counseling.


Support Groups and Group Counseling - Small group sessions are offered by our professional staff. The groups address a variety of topics including social skills, anger management, adjustment problems, parenting stress and more. Participation in these group programs can facilitate social and personal growth. Our groups are no larger than six people and are available for children, adolescents, and adults.

Referrals - for pharmacological/psychiatric evaluation are provided when necessary. Our clinicians work closely with local pediatricians, family physicians, and psychiatrists to ensure the highest level of appropriate care.

Telephone Consultation - Telephone consultation is available by request. All of our psychologists are exceptionally well-trained with clinical experience in numerous settings and can assist you at your convenience. By leaving a message with our main office number (631) 821-7214, we will set up your telephone conference.  

Workshops, lectures, and in-services - are offered to a variety of organizations including school districts, public libraries, PTA and SEPTA chapters. Topics covered include Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD), anxiety, child and adolescent depression, stress & anger management, insomnia, crisis response in schools, managing traumatic stress (including motor-vehicle accident trauma), classroom management, behavior modification, psychological and educational testing, social skills, and parenting the defiant child. The clinicians of East End Psychological Services are experienced school, community and clinical psychologists who will provide their own handouts and/or other materials to be utilized for their presentations.

The Institute for Psychological Wellness - is a division of East End Psychological Services, P.C., and offers comprehensive assessment and development of skills associated with personal well-being and healthier life styles. Some of the services provided by the Institute include a six-session smoking cessation program, assertion training, guidance in stress management and relaxation training, as well as communication and social skills enhancement.


About EEPS

East End Psychological Services, P.C. (EEPS) is a professional psychological group practice that was established in 2003. The Clinical Director, Joseph S. Volpe, Ph.D., is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified School Psychologist. Dr. Volpe brings more than 17 years of experience with children, adolescents and adults to East End Psychological Services' diagnostic, assessment and treatment facilities. People in search of answers come to EEPS because our staff psychologists have numerous specialties and expertise. EEPS offers comprehensive psychological testing, as well as individual, family, and marital/couples psychotherapy. Most appointments with our staff are given within one week. Phone consultations are available by request. EEPS accepts personal checks, cash, and all major credit cards for payment. Receipts are provided for insurance reimbursement when services are rendered.

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