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All 289 Eminem Songs, Ranked
Fifteen years ago, the American public was introduced to Marshall Mathers, Eminem, and Slim Shady, a triptych of manic personalities whose interests included raising hell, making enemies, and sticking nine-inch nails through each one of their eyelids...
Allen, Lee Named Grizzlies Starters
The guesswork over who would start on the wings for the Memphis Grizzlies on Oct. 29 in the season opener vs. Minnesota at FedExForum is over. Coach D...
Week 10 Starts/Sits: Not your average Joe
Joe Flacco is ranked as a middle of the pack QB play this week, but that might be selling him short.
Why We're "Nawty for Hawley" on Sleepy Hollow: Our Rants and Raves
Monday nights are filled with great TV, but one of the best shows continues to be a goofy little biblical fantasy called Sleepy Hollow, thanks mostly to the brilliant duo that is Ichabod and...
Kvinnehat, drukningsdød og homofili
Om Eminem, Franc Ocean og Lana del Ray i "Vers".
Fantasy Football Week 10 Predictions
Fantasy football buzz is all over the news, while veteran quarterback Mark Sanchez is back as a starting option, particularly since he will be running a potent, fast-paced offense of the Philadelphia Eagles and Chip Kelly. Talk about burying the lead. We won't do that here in Bleacher Report's Week 10 predictions. The Eagles head into the second half of their season and will turn to the man who ...
Nexus 6 Review: A Big, Beautiful, Cumbersome Beast
 I wanted to love the Nexus 6. I?ve been using a Nexus 5 as my phone of choice since the very day it was announced. It?s the phone that pulled me over from the iOS camp for keeps, after so many dozens of other Android handsets I?d tested failed to do so with any permanence. It?s the phone I recommend, almost without fail, when asked for a recommendation on what to buy? Read More
ISIS Rakes In Millions Through Slick Black Market For Oil
The so-called Islamic State is raking in millions selling oil to smugglers. The U.S. is working to undermine the militant group's finances by interrupting oil sales and punishing companies that purchase crude from them.
Trio Capital exposed: Life as a puppet on a string
Life as Jack Flader?s poodle must have been exhausting.
Zebra Lounge Piano Bar Opens for Business
The Zebra Lounge, a piano bar featuring live music by Memphis musicians seven nights a week, opened in Overton Square on Thursday, Oct. 23. The origin...