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Scalf , KY 40982
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Trump Claims ?Complete Power to Pardon? in Tweetstorm

Trump Claims ?Complete Power to Pardon? in TweetstormThe president launched a Twitter blitz Saturday ? 10 tweets in all ? claiming his power to pardon, demanding action on health care to attacking Hillary Clinton.

Trump suggests Republicans should ?protect their president?

Trump suggests Republicans should ?protect their president?The president tweeted on Sunday that it is ?very sad? Republicans are doing "very little to protect" him ? and admitted that the ongoing Russia probe, while ?phony,? may be ?taking hold.?

Minneapolis Police Chief Resigns After Fatal Shooting

Minneapolis Police Chief Resigns After Fatal ShootingMinneapolis Police Chief JaneÚ Harteau resigned on Friday, nearly a week after a police officer fatally Justine Damond.

Don't interfere in Turkish affairs, Erdogan tells Germany

Don't interfere in Turkish affairs, Erdogan tells GermanyGermany has no right to interfere in Turkey's domestic affairs, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday, his latest broadside in a blistering row sparked by the waves of arrests under the current state of emergency. Several German nationals are among those being held and Berlin has warned its citizens that their safety cannot be guaranteed in Turkey and that consular access is not assured in case of arrest. Throwing away any pretence at diplomatic nuance, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel had Thursday also warned German firms against investment in Turkey and spoke of an "overhaul" of the entire relationship.

Gen. Dunford On North Korea: We Can Protect the American People Today

Gen. Dunford On North Korea: We Can Protect the American People TodayJoint Chiefs Chairman Joseph Dunford explains how North Korea is progressing toward a nuclear weapon but stresses the U.S. is more than capable of handling that threat.

US student freed after week held in China over taxi dispute

US student freed after week held in China over taxi disputeBILLINGS, Mont. (AP) ? An American university student is free following a weeklong detention in China for allegedly injuring a taxi driver who was roughing up his mother during a fare dispute, in a case that drew objections over the student's treatment from U.S. lawmakers.

Hopes for future HIV cure revived as South African child becomes third in remission

Hopes for future HIV cure revived as South African child becomes third in remissionA South African child born witháHIVáhas surprised experts by appearing to be effectively cured of the AIDS virus after just a year of treatment followed by eight and a half years drug-free. Patients witháHIVáwould normally need to stay on antiretroviral (ART) drugs for the rest of their lives to keep AIDS at bay. But this child, still off treatment and now almost 10 years old, has no signs of the disease. This and other recent, isolated cases ofáremissionáhave given additional hope to the 37 million people worldwide infected with the virus that causes AIDS. Yet experts urged caution, saying the case is extremely rare does not suggest a simple path to a cure. Prince Harry and Rihanna get tested for HIV 00:52 "It's a case that raises more questions than it necessarily answers," said Linda-Gail Bekker, president of the International AIDS Society (IAS), which is holding a conference in Paris this week. "It does raise the interesting notion that maybe treatment isn't for life. (But) it's clearly a rare phenomenon." The child, whose name and gender were not disclosed, was part of a clinical trial in which researchers were investigating the effect of treatingáHIV-positive babies in the first few weeks of life, and then stopping and starting the ART medicines whilst checking whether theiráHIVáwas being controlled. The United NationsáHIV/AIDS agency said last week that 19.5 million people - more than half of the 37 million patients witháHIVá- are now on treatment. The vast majority of patients witháHIVásuffer an increase in the amount of the virus circulating in the body if they stop treatment, but this child was different, the South African researchers said. Naomi Campbell 'stands in solidarity' with millions of women on World AIDS day 00:27 "To our knowledge, this is the first case of sustained virological control from a randomized trial of ART interruption following early treatment of infants," they said in a summary of findings presented at the IAS conference on Monday. The baby contractedáHIVáfrom its mother. Treatment with ART started when it was almost nine weeks old but was interrupted at 40 weeks when the virus had been suppressed, and the child was monitored regularly for any signs of relapse. "At age 9.5 years, the child was clinically asymptomatic," the researchers said. Sharon Lewin, anáHIVáexpert at the University of Melbourne and co-chair of the IAS'sáHIVáCure and Cancer forum, said the case threw up possible insights into how the human immune system can controláHIVáreplication when treatment is interrupted. Yet in terms of the scientific search for a cure foráHIVáand AIDS, she told Reuters, it appeared only to confirm previous reports of similarly rare cases. "We know that very rarely, people who have had treatment and stopped it are then able to control the virus." TheáHIV/AIDS pandemic has killed around 35 million people worldwide since it began in the 1980s.

Russian Spy House That Inspired 'The Americans' Will Be Put Up for Sale

Russian Spy House That Inspired 'The Americans' Will Be Put Up for SaleA New Jersey home that has been vacant since the FBI arrested a family of undercover Russian spies living there is heading for sale

Safety Tips For Watching The Solar Eclipse

Safety Tips For Watching The Solar EclipseA total solar eclipse will be visible from many parts of the United States on Aug. 21, as the moon?s shadow moves across the country from west to east. NASA offered safety tips for viewing.

Venezuela?s symphony of protests

Venezuela?s symphony of protestsMusicians in Venezuela have been taking their instruments to protests this year, and a violist was killed in June. Here are some of the players in action.