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Six great Port Vale chants from the terraces
CHELSEA fans may have topped a poll of festive chants but Port Vale fans have certainly come up with a few stand-out numbers. A poll by bookies William Hill credited Blues fans for their inventive Christmas themed chant "Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the goals are so delightful, Stamford Bridge is the place to go, Mourinho! Mourinho! Mourinho!" but chants are for all year round ...
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the USA: live
Duke and Duchess' packed three-day Royal tour in the US ends today with a visit to the 9/11 Memorial in New York
Leyonhjelm shoots from the hip
Guns protecting us? It's nothing but a fetid fantasy, not backed up by facts.
Sydney siege: Leyonhjelm shoots from the hip
Guns protecting us? It's nothing but a fetid fantasy, not backed up by facts.
My Stable: Weekend Eyecatchers
Matt Brocklebank casts his eye over the weekend action and picks out the horses it could pay to follow in the coming months.
Treasurer to discuss 'family' finances with state
Tim Nicholls to begin travelling around state, talking the state?s ?black cloud? of debt and what to do about it.        
PROFILE: The remarkable musical journey of Cambridge's Gordon Hough
One of the qualities that make it so easy to like people from here who have gone on to achieve a degree of fame on a much, much larger stage is that most of them have never forgotten the place they call home.
Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joan Rivers: Obits 2014
Actor Robin Williams. Actor Robin Williams. Close Actor Robin Williams.
ARMED FORCES VETERANS Wreaths Across America Day On Saturday, members of the Mahoning County
Building a space elevator starts with a lunar elevator by 2020
Launching deep space probes is great, but to really explore space and unlock its secrets, it sure would be helpful if getting there were as easy as pressing a button. That's the vision of Liftport, which Gizmag first reported on back in 2012. Now, more than two years after Liftport raised over US$100,000 on Kickstarter, the team is sharing its progress towards creating an elevator from Earth to ...