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From Manilla to Afghan desert
WHILE families are celebrating Christmas together, spare a thought for Manilla?s Susan Coyle, who?s spending the festive season in Afghanistan.
Fear factor in council rate recovery method
TAMWORTH Regional Council has been accused of employing heavy-handed tactics after its debt collection agency threatened an 84-year-old pensioner with legal action.
?Ghost town? after ferocious storm
THOUSANDS of local residents remained without power for much of yesterday and Attunga continued to mop up after Thursday?s ferocious storm left a massive clean-up bill in its wake.
Typhoon Hagupit begins dangerous trek across Philippines, deadly floods likely
UPDATED 6:00 p.m. ET : Typhoon Hagupit has slowed to a crawl after striking Samar head on. The storm is on course to make another four to five landfalls as it moves from east to west across the central Philippines. The slow speed ? just five miles per hour ? raises the odds of a major flooding disaster in the central Philippines The strongest winds in the storm are now in the low-end Category 3 ...
Destiny packed in a Christmas shoebox; an Idaho love story
It all started with a shoebox and a photo.
The week in photos | December 27
Dec. 27, 2014, 9:17 a.m. STRAHAN: Selfie time .. West Coast Wilderness Railway - Strahan to Queenstown. Photo by Mark Jesser, The Examiner. ALBURY: A man inspects his fire damaged shed in Kelly Street, Albury on Boxing Day morning. Picture DYLAN ROBINSON, BORDER MAIL.
Everything I Bought on Amazon in 2014, Reviewed
Another twelve months of Prime membership just flew right the hell by. What'd I do with it? How did I augment my life with two-day shipping? Can "things" make you "happier"? Nothing a little retrospection can't answer. Read more...
Fifa holds secret talks with Blatter on future
Secret talks between Fifa officials and Sepp Blatter have taken place over his future as the president of football?s world governing body, BBC Sport has learned.
LOOK: Typhoon Ruby, Manila seen from space
NASA astronaut Terry Virts has captured photos of Manila and Typhoon Ruby (international name Hagupit) from the International Space Station orbiting the Earth.
Fifa holds secret talks with Blatter
Fifa president Sepp Blatter holds talks with executives as concerns grow over future direction of football's governing body.