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?a ph?n ?àn ông là n?n nhân c?a nh?ng cái ch?t "lăng x?t"
Sau th?i gian dài ph?ng ?oán, cu?i cùng ng??i ta ?ă có b?ng ch?ng v?ng ch?c ?? ?ng h? Lư thuy?t s? ngu ng?c c?a ?àn ông (MIT). Lư thuy?t này nói r?ng ?àn ông d? b? tai n?n nghiêm tr?ng và m?c l?i ch?t ng??i h?n so v?i ph? n?, v?i nguyên nhân ??n gi?n do h? là "nh?ng k? ngu ng?c và thích làm ?i?u ngu xu?n."
'Spirit' of Christmas gets a whole new meaning
Darwin Young was never much on the spirit of Christmas; to him it was just another reason to get falling-down drunk with a bottle of Jack Daniels. One year, he spent Christmas in jail.
Exotic pets a bad gift idea, experts say
Monkeys and snakes make lousy Christmas presents.
La Liga vs Liga MX is no contest
La Liga vs Liga MX isn't a comparison most soccer fans regularly make, but the Club World Cup forced the issue. Read More
These bad driving habits need to be outlawed already
Whether it be hogging the passing lane or listening to the radio at full blast, these seven driving infractions may be legal, but they're still infuriating.
Multi-nation survey flatters city real estate
The Winnipeg housing market might be starting to slow, but it's a well-earned break after a decade spent outperforming places such as New York, Toronto and Sydney, Australia. A report released Friday by Toronto-based rating agency DBRS put Winnipeg in second place in a 50-city comparison
Coach Darren Lehmann looks to Phillip Hughes himself to guide grieving team
As the Australia team braces itself to play its first Test since Phillip Hughes? death, they are getting courage from the most unlikely of areas ? the Hughes family and from Phillip himself.
Moving email sent to Aussie team
Coach's email shows amazing compassion and care. At its heart is a powerful message.
Sun Life Financial All-Canadian Banquet: Calgary?s Buckley claims Hec Crighton Trophy
MONTREAL (CIS) ? Andrew Buckley, a fourth-year quarterback from the University of Calgary, received the prestigious Hec Crighton Trophy as the outstanding player in CIS football, on Thursday evening.
Vijay and heat make India's day
India's openers laid a sound platform with a half-century stand before Australia's rookie quicks Mitchell Marsh and Josh Hazlewood struck to level the contest