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GOP intelligence panel chair: Flynn did U.S. a ?big favor?

GOP intelligence panel chair: Flynn did U.S. a ?big favor?House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., said today that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the national security adviser fired by President Trump, may have done the country a ?big favor? if he signaled to the Russian ambassador that sanctions imposed by President Barack Obama after the Russian cyberattack on Democratic Party officials would be lifted once President Trump took office. The comments by Nunes, a vocal defender of the Trump White House, seemed to be the strongest indication to date that Flynn may have sought to undercut Obama?s actions, giving private assurances to Russia?s ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, that punitive measures just imposed by the then-president would go away under Trump.

Ferrari Salesman Blows Whistle, Says Ferrari Condones Odometer Rollback Device

Ferrari Salesman Blows Whistle, Says Ferrari Condones Odometer Rollback DeviceAccording the the lawsuit, dealerships rolled back mileage to allow for inflated resale value?and it could only be done with Ferraris blessing.

The Latest: Trump condemns Kansas bar shooting in speech

The Latest: Trump condemns Kansas bar shooting in speechOLATHE, Kan. (AP) ? The Latest on a deadly shooting at a Kansas bar that some witnesses said was racially motivated (all times local):

Two hurt in police gun accident at Hollande event

Two hurt in police gun accident at Hollande eventA policeman providing security for Francois Hollande accidentally fired his gun as the French president was giving a speech, injuring two people in the VIP area of the crowd, an official said. "It was an accidental shot by a police officer which injured two waiters, or at least one waiter and an (event) employee. The injuries aren't life threatening," local government chief Pierre N'Gahane said.

Saudi king signs range of deals in Indonesia at start of visit

Saudi king signs range of deals in Indonesia at start of visitBy Darren Whiteside BOGOR, Indonesia (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's King Salman held talks with Indonesia's president on Wednesday and signed a range of cooperation agreements at the beginning of a 12-day visit to the world's largest Muslim-majority country. The royal visit is the first by a Saudi monarch in nearly five decades. The leaders oversaw, among 11 pacts, the signing of agreements to take down trade barriers and a new agreement between state energy companies Saudi Aramco and Pertamina, building on an existing $6 billion plan to expand Indonesia's biggest refinery.

Takata pleads guilty in air bag scandal, agrees to pay $1B

Takata pleads guilty in air bag scandal, agrees to pay $1BDETROIT (AP) ? Japanese auto parts maker Takata Corp. pleaded guilty to fraud Monday and agreed to pay $1 billion in penalties for concealing an air bag defect blamed for at least 16 deaths, most of them in the U.S.

Man killed in clash at Palestinian camp in Lebanon

Man killed in clash at Palestinian camp in LebanonAIN EL-HILWEH, Lebanon (Reuters) - At least one man was killed on Tuesday in clashes between Islamist militants and the Palestinian Fatah faction at a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon where a power struggle has fueled days of violence. Gunmen from Fatah, the party of West Bank-based Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, have regularly clashed with Islamist militants in the camp, including supporters of Islamic State and al Qaeda. A loudspeaker on a mosque implored the warring sides to stop shooting to avoid civilian casualties, as gunfire rang out.

SpaceX will fly two very rich passengers around the Moon next year

SpaceX will fly two very rich passengers around the Moon next year

At a press conference today, prospective fallout shelter owner Elon Musk told reporters that SpaceX, Musk's solar space travel company, will be sending a pair of paying passengers around the Moon next year. The unnamed pair reportedly paid a "significant deposit" for the trip, which will be conducted using SpaceX's existing launch vehicles and spacecraft.

The trip will mark a new milestone for paid space travel. Although paid passengers have been into space before, it's normally either a short, peripheral flight, or piggybacking on a larger operation. Sending a spacecraft around the Moon would be a recent landmark for spacetravel if it was done by NASA; the fact that a pair of presumably inexperienced, paying customers are going to be the next to see the dark side of the Moon is a genuine game-changer.

?This is a really thing that?s happened,? Musk told reporters. ?We?ve been approached to do a crewed mission beyond the Moon ...[and these passengers] are very serious about it. We plan to do that probably Dragon 2 spacecraft with the Falcon Heavy rocket.?

The trip will reportedly take around a week, as it will take mostly the same course as you're familiar with from Apollo 13: out to the Moon, slingshot around, and come back.

SpaceX has talked about manned space travel and space tourism before -- including an ambition to send paying clients to Mars! -- but this trip is sooner and more ambitious than most people had imagined. According to Gizmodo and Musk, these kind of paid missions look to be a part of SpaceX's broader ambitions, allowing SpaceX the funds and experience to build out its Mars plans, and allowing billionaires one hell of a vacation.

Victim quits pope's abuse panel, slams 'shameful' Vatican

Victim quits pope's abuse panel, slams 'shameful' VaticanMarie Collins, an Irish survivor of clerical sex abuse, resigned Wednesday from Pope Francis's child protection panel, accusing senior Vatican officials of "shameful" blocking of reforms approved by the pontiff. The 70-year-old, who was raped by a hospital chaplain at 13, explained her decision in an article for the National Catholic Reporter (NCR). Collins's departure leaves the Pontifical Commission on the Protection of Minors with no abuse survivors working for it.

Thousands of French people want Barack Obama to be their next president

Thousands of French people want Barack Obama to be their next presidentMore than 40,000 people have signed a spoof petition calling for Barack Obama to be the next president of France. SEE ALSO: Obama and Richard Branson fought over kitesurfing and we're never getting him back As France prepares for its general election in May, an unofficial campaign has been launched to "bring France out of its apathy" and elect Barack Obama as France's new president. "We would like to make a big splash in electing a foreign president as head of our beautiful country," reads the campaign's manifesto."Barack Obama completed his second presidential term as POTUS on the 21 January, why not hire him as president of France?" the manifesto says. The campaign is hoping for 1 million pledges to vote for the former POTUS in order to convince Obama to stand in the next election.  Oui on peut ... (?) #obama2017 #streetsofparis ? Romuald COUSTRE (@rcoustre) February 21, 2017 The reasons listed on the campaign site explain why Obama is perfect for the role. According to the manifesto, he has the best CV in the world for the job."Because it's still possible to vote for a president and not against a candidate. Because at a time when France is getting ready for a massive vote in favour of the far right, we can still give a lesson in democracy to the planet in electing a foreign French president," the manifesto continues.  The group behind the campaign describe themselves as "four thirty-something Parisians" but they have not identified themselves. They explained their objectives to Mashable FR. "We've had enough of voting against candidates rather than voting for a president," they explained. "We found ourselves dreaming about what could happen if the world of politics could offer us a figure we admire and who makes us feel calm when we look to the future," they continued. They say they decided to put those thoughts into action by launching the campaign, which has since garnered the support of thousands of people.  "We just wanted to make voters think, to piss off our politicians and to make everyone dream," they continued.  Another Obama presidency, anyone?! BONUS: The Obamas got real emotional at the president's farewell address